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Oven not heating

– The oven power cord is damaged.
– Faulty switch or fuse. If there has recently been a power failure or a power outage, it is possible that the switch or fuse of the electric oven has been damaged and must be replaced.

– The reason for the unsatisfactory operation of the gas oven may be insufficient supply of gas. Check that the gas valve on the pipe is fully open.
– If the power cord, switch, fuse is OK, and with the gas supply all right – try using the reset function of control and other oven programs.

– Check if the cooking mode programs are used correctly. Perhaps you have the “delayed start” mode (heating delay), then the oven will not heat up until a certain time.
– If the problem is in the electric oven, it may be necessary to replace the heating element, igniter, thermostat, selector switch, safety valve or wiring.

Fuse Appliance Repair will restore your oven.

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